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time; sungyeol-centric, ot7; t

an: this is for blingerbones (also leorizanzel), because i love her and i haven’t watched this in awhile ;~; i have such a soft spot for this war. also, i apologize because this started out as proper grammar and all that, but it begged to be lapslock so…

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just like a movie (arms); hoya/ofc jihae; g 

an: this was supposed to be longer. i was trying to write a slice of life.

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dollhouse; myungsoo; g

an: lol i’m not even going to finish this. do any of my followers watch dollhouse?

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hypocrites in action; hoya, sungjong; t

an: goddamn this is so fucking long. should i give woohyun’s girlfriend a name? oh…rated for language really. sungjong has a dirty mouth because he’s a college sophomore.

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