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leorizanzel asked: Can you write more Haewon y/y? /loljk <3

lol, yes yes! i wrote a little (VERY LITTLE), recently, but that part won’t be posted until…after the rest of first semester?

does that make sense?

He Is Mine and I Am His; Kris/Lu Han; PG-13 (the first section is NC-17…)

AN: this is for leorizanzel. she requested this pairing for the meme…c: I enjoyed writing this, but I also felt really depressed at some points, too. And you should never attempt to finish/write fic while you are under the influence, okay.

Also, I definitely skipped the last bullet because it seemed repetitive. A lot of fic has hard parts to write, and I wrote while writing this already so.

Please enjoy it!

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Clouds On Parade; Super Junior 15; PG-13

AN: I started this a long time ago. It’s really not getting finished anytime soon. I mean. ANYWAY, for leorizanzel, just because.

Genderbent Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kibum and Eunhyuk.

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leorizanzel asked: Can I has 2hyun (Kyuhyun/Jonghyun) fic? :D The prompt is mistletoe and hot chocolate.


Mistletoe and Hot Chocolate; Kyuhyun/Jonghyun

AN: Christmas Prompt fics~ this is possibly the worst fic I’ve ever written in terms of quality. :c but I hope leorizanzel likes it!

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OK, so Jewel asked me for a KyuHae fic and it had to be science fiction with barcodes and 20th century bedsheets. I briefly considered doing smut because bedsheets and all but I was like, “LOL how do you sexual intercourse?” So no smut. Because KyuHae is the single fluffiest pairing out there, this is fluffier than cashmere goose down.

PG-13 for language (I will never clean my language up.)

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Super Junior; Kyuhyun/Donghae

Science Fiction. Barcodes and 20th century sheets.

time; sungyeol-centric, ot7; t

an: this is for blingerbones (also leorizanzel), because i love her and i haven’t watched this in awhile ;~; i have such a soft spot for this war. also, i apologize because this started out as proper grammar and all that, but it begged to be lapslock so…

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