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Pong Night; OT7 + You, OT7/You; T

AN: this is old. an excerpt from PSSOM. yeah. OT7/You. you read that right.

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Untitled; Sungkyu/Jaehwa(OC); M

AN: L O L THIS IS SO OLD. it’s actually an excerpt from a larger fic that i should have deemed on INDEFINITE HIATUS a long time ago. so yeah. i finished the missing part and edited the first half and then got lazy for the rest of it.



"write sex scene of You/Sunggyu with Before U Go monologue inst…have him recite the lyrics and make it awkward."

and so i write it….

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crash into you; sungjong/bohye(oc), sungkyu; m (sexual content)

word count: a whopping 6,441

summary: it’s first semester when he meets her. it’s second semester when he meets him. her boyfriend.

an: i have been working on this on and off for eight hours. more on than off, okay? LEE SUNGJONG, THIS IS FOR YOU.

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Stay; Sunggyu/Myungsoo; T

AN: I honestly don’t know what this is or why I now ship this pairing, but expect more of it, okay? Crack ships FTW!

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On a Wing; Sunggyu/Myungsoo; T


AN: the prompt was “delete,” but the only thing on my mind was Never Let Me Go.

oh..whoops. this is for blindpiano

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time; sungyeol-centric, ot7; t

an: this is for blingerbones (also leorizanzel), because i love her and i haven’t watched this in awhile ;~; i have such a soft spot for this war. also, i apologize because this started out as proper grammar and all that, but it begged to be lapslock so…

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