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crash into you; sungjong/bohye(oc), sungkyu; m (sexual content)

word count: a whopping 6,441

summary: it’s first semester when he meets her. it’s second semester when he meets him. her boyfriend.

an: i have been working on this on and off for eight hours. more on than off, okay? LEE SUNGJONG, THIS IS FOR YOU.

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for some reason; hoya/sungjong; t

an: lapslock .-. i try not to borrow so much from legitimate creations, but it’s hard when everyone starts recycling. this is for blingerbones even though i’m not sure how much of a fan for hojong she is. why do i feel like this isn’t a good enough an? head’s up! weak ending…

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Mirrors or Something; Hoya/Sungjong; R

AN: I really really really tried to write something smutty/NC-17, but it’s just not happening :c so I hope this is okay and better than last time!! For hojonganon, but also for nickelsleeve, because she’s been begging.

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It’s All The Same; Woohyun/Sungjong; R

AN: WHY IS IT ALWAYS SUNGJONG AND BLOWJOBS?! I mean, he’s not on his knees this time, but still…

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Where For Art Thou?; Dongwoo/fem!Sungjong; PG

AN: Written for erischaoticainspirit. I really like this one


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Path Not Taken; Sungyeol/Sungjong; G

AN: prompt drabble. too short though…e___e

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time; sungyeol-centric, ot7; t

an: this is for blingerbones (also leorizanzel), because i love her and i haven’t watched this in awhile ;~; i have such a soft spot for this war. also, i apologize because this started out as proper grammar and all that, but it begged to be lapslock so…

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and i’m home; hoya/sungjong; t

an: lazy drabbles are the easiest during the school year .-. oh, and this is for hojonganon, even though it’s not full out smut ;~; i hope this will do for now

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kind of a funny story; hoya, sungjong; t (language?)

an: the only thing worst than a dirty diaper is the smell -_-

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hypocrites in action; hoya, sungjong; t

an: goddamn this is so fucking long. should i give woohyun’s girlfriend a name? oh…rated for language really. sungjong has a dirty mouth because he’s a college sophomore.

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nap time; hoya, sungjong; g

an: guys. these hojong baby fic ideas won’t stop invading my thoughts while i’m at work! so i wrote this one out because it seemed to be the cutest.

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before twelve; sungjong, hoya; pg

an: why is hoya drinking beer…why is sungjong such a girl…why do i write these two all the time now…

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sounds like cvs; hoya, sungjong; g

an: i apologize again…i don’t even know what this is. it got to a point where i literally couldn’t write anymore or it would make even less sense.

yay for laspslock

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You’re a Sucker; whore!Sungjong, Myungyeol, Hoya/(OFC)Jihae, JongYeol, JongYa; R

AN: I told myself not to think about Sungjong giving blowjobs and look what happened…I wrote it. While I was at work. With little children running about.

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Super Bass; Jino/fem!Sungjong; T

AN: I was wearing my Jury dress and looked down at my chest. Yes, I was wearing a VS push up with inserts XD. After that part, it’s all Nicki.

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